You are cordially invited to join Phil Dirt and the Dozers on the ultimate musical journey. To travel back to a time when life was simpler, the world a bit smaller, and the cost of a new Chevy about $2000.00. A time when poodle skirts and saddle shoes and the corner drug store were all part of every day life. Seem like a long time ago? It doesn't have to!

Phil Dirt and the Dozers, the nation's premier "rock 'n r'oldies" review will help you recapture those wonderful days! With their musical talent, high energy and contagious sense of humor, they'll transport you to another time and place, the 50's, 60's and 70's of rock and roll! Imagine hearing the Four Season's "Sherry" with the original falsetto vocals intact, or the hauntingly beautiful Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody." Imagine the Platters' soul stirring "Only You," performed with all the scratches and skips found on a well-worn 33 1/3 record the way the dozers first learned it! The Phil Dirt time machine also stops in the '70's, where you'll experience some of that decade's greatest hits, including hits from the Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, and the O'jays, just to mention a few.

Phil dirt and the dozers formed in 1981, has been mesmerizing crowds from New England to Hawaii , and the Caribbean to Toronto . Let us introduce you to the reasons why:

Steve will captivate you with his own beautiful voice, as well as his ability to emulate famous voices of the era, and will guide you on your nostalgic journey to the 50's, 60's and 70's; mark, (a two-time Emmy award winner) will energize you with his dynamic keyboard, saxophone and flute work; Rick will get you heart pounding to the rhythm of his wonderful percussions; Tony, likely to trigger a standing ovations with his gorgeous vocal talents, will also electrify you with his guitar work; Craig, whose bass provides the pulse, will enthrall you with his guitar work and vocal abilities. This is an amazingly talented group of musicians, yet very humble, professional and charming!

Phil Dirt and the Dozers' nostalgia show, encompassing three decades of great music, is performed absolutely live, and is done with a sophisticated, yet light-hearted approach that creates an atmosphere all age groups enjoy. A five-member band based in Columbus , Ohio , the dozers have a staff of four technicians that travels by truck with all the production and lighting equipment needed for a professional performance of the highest caliber.

STEVE CABOT- Steve is a founding member of Phil Dirt and the Dozers. I n 1966 he joined the group that eventually became Phil Dirt and The Dozers. A captivating performer, Steve has a wonderful stage presence and a beautiful singing voice. He also has an uncanny ability to emulate the vocal styles of some of the most beloved musical artists, such as Roy Orbison, the Beach Boys, Frankie Vali, and, yes, Elvis Presley! Musically versatile, Steve also plays guitar, keyboards, sax and drums. Steve is the band philosopher and intellectual, as well as being the Dozer voted most likely to create some on-stage mischief!

MARK FRYE - Mark joined the Dozer organization in 1983. Extremely talented and multi-dimensional, Mark has the most formal musical education among the group. The Dozers' primary keyboardist, Mark also plays the saxophone, flute and bass guitar, as well as contributing strong vocals. Mark has knowledge of many other facets of the music business, including arranging, engineering, and production. Mark's work composing music soundtracks for television documentaries has garnered him two well-deserved "Emmy' awards. Mark's solo CD entitled "Jack Hanna's World" is available on VIRGIN records worldwide. We're proud to have him as a Dozer!

RICKFRYE - Before sharing the stage, Mark and Rick shared parents! Rick, the elder of the Frye brothers, also joined the band in 1983, and has been making an important contribution to the Dozer sound ever since. A seasoned professional, Rick is known as "the quiet one." A low key, mellow guy until he gets on stage, his exuberance at the drums is only controlled by the fact that he has to sit down to perform! His dry wit appears during the show at the most unexpected moments, and always stops the show. He is an extremely talented musician, and a great asset to the Dozer sound!

TONY ALFANO - Tony joined the Dozer organization in '93 as a singer and guitar player, and is a whirlwind of enthusiasm. He reawakened in all the Dozers the pure and heartfelt love for music that inspired them to be musicians. At the end of a long road trip, when everyone is red-eyed and bone-weary, when it's three in the morning and home is still hours away, Tony will quietly start to sing in his beautiful, soft voice. The others stir, and one by one, join in, the lines of exhaustion melting from their faces. To so inspire others, and to be able to touch the very souls of those who listen when he sings, make Tony's a very special talent.

CRAIG GOODWIN - Craig is the newest member of the group, joining in early 2001, but has been friends with the Dozers for several years. Craig's instrumental guitar CD "Finger Tones" was produced by Mark Frye and recorded in the Dozer studio in 1997. Craig has been a professional musician for 30 years and has performed with many well-known groups that include McGuffey Lane and Roger McGuinn of the Byrds. The Dozer bass player also has great talent on guitar, piano and vocals. Craig's enthusiasm for the oldies genre is obvious as he brings to life such artists as Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins. He is a true talent and an asset to the Dozers'.

PHIL DIRT - Phil was born in 1981 on a cold, lonely night, in a dark and smoke filled barroom. Those who were lucky enough to be present at his birth probably had no idea that the event they witnessed would have such a long-term effect on the music community. Who would have guessed that in just a few short years Phil Dirt and the Dozers would have traveled the continent performing to screaming fans and standing ovations; have several albums to their credit; have appeared on local and national television; and been the focus of dozens of newspaper and magazine articles? Yes, Phil is a figment of the Dozer imagination and only exists in our hearts. And yet, Phil has become a symbol, a patriarch, an eccentric but favorite uncle, and the gleeful little kid in all of us. He reminds us that you're never too old; that life is short, but good; yesterday is as close as your favorite memory and some good songs; today can one day be a favorite memory; and tomorrow can be ... well, Phil thinks you can find the answer to that yourself!