Magic Moments
A Tribute to the Drifters


A Tribute to the Drifters Some of the most captivating music of our time, with precision choreography and soulful harmonies. This group has lived it, performed it numberless times and will knock your socks off. They will leave you feeling like you just went through the time tunnel of love and good times and an era of music that helped healed a nation.

The Drifters are truly unique in today's world of coming and going popular music groups. From their very first release on Atlantic records, "There goes My Baby", they were bound for stardom with a 2 million seller under their belts in their first try. Over the next 10 years there were 29 additional chart records accounting for nearly 20 million sales of singles and over 8 million albums in the US alone. (Source: Billboard)

In fact , only the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Bee Gees have sold more records over a more sustained period of time. (Source: The Book of Lists)