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Emerson Drive


Countrified is what Emerson Drive wanted to be branded as from the start and now that is exactly who we are," states lead vocalist Brad Mates.

COUNTRIFIED began in Bowling Green, KY on a night when Emerson Drive was honored to have two special guests in the audience, hit record producer Josh Leo and Teddy Gentry from the group Alabama.

"We drove to Bowling Green to see this band with the idea of helping them cut a few songs," states Josh Leo. "Well, they blew us away. So I said, Sign us up! We're in! Let's Go!" Continues Teddy Gentry, "I was blown away with the band. This is possibly the best band I've heard in years as far as playing live on stage."

With Leo and Gentry committed to the project Emerson Drive began recording the album that Midas Records released in the fall of 2006. The final product, COUNTRIFIED, features the production talents of publishing veteran Brad Allen and hit songwriter Keith Follese, in addition to Leo and Gentry, and together they produced an album that has given Emerson Drive two singles so far, the Top 20 hit "A Good Man" and "Moments," the fastest climbing single of the band's career, currently at #7.

"'Moments' has been our impact song, a song that other artists shied away from because it deals with delicate issues facing people today," commented Mates. "Since 'Moments' was released as a single we have found that there are a lot of empathic people who are aware of and want to deal with the issues of loneliness, despair and the hope of a new life again. This song has something to say and we are proud to be able to say it."

"Moments" has indeed impacted country music fans around the world. Emerson Drive continues to receive an outpouring of emotion from fans who want to share their story with the band. Whether it's in person after a show or through a letter sent in the mail each story reinforces that we all have had our "Moments" in life and those "Moments" are worth living for.

COUNTRIFIED has given Emerson Drive a second chance to play their music for country fans everywhere and the band couldn't be happier about that. As musicians they can't wait to be back on the stage each night doing what they do best - entertaining the crowd with their high-energy show.